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ZDNet Asia: Internet Sehat Providing Safety Tips to Parents

(Photo: ZDNet Asia)

Dalam ajang CommunicAsia 2010, ZDNet Asia menulis, “also at the Indonesian pavilion is a small table of an online campaign by ICT Watch, called ‘Internet Sehat’, which translates to ‘healthy Internet’. The NGO promotes the safe use of Internet by providing safety tips to parents and users on its Web site“.

Tulisan ZDNet Asia tersebut masuk dalam artikelnya yang berjudul Southeast Asia wares at CommunicAsia 2010. Tentunya, kehadiran Internet Sehat di CommunicAsia 2010 didukung sepenuhnya oleh UFO Akses, XL – Axiata, APJII dan Norton from Symantec.

[Tim Internet Sehat]